Look, we've been aware of the snail-like pace of our previous online store, and believe us, we totally get it – slow websites can be a real mood-killer 😂. But guess what? We've been working hard to make things better for you.

While we're taking a breather from "Payung Jumaat," we've been laser-focused on improving our online store and our point-of-sale system. And here's the exciting part – with this new system, we're gearing up to launch our very own loyalty program. Or should we call it the "Kita gang" program? 🤔 We've got some seriously dedicated customers, and we want to make sure our systems are all set to shower you with rewards!

Now, as for this space, the system wants to call this a "blog" but I don't know about that guys, lol. The term blog makes me feel a little too 2009. But I dont know, I kinda enjoy putting this together too. Whatever we want to label it, well we've got some plans for it. We want to use it for more than just updates and announcements. We're thinking of sharing long written form content, and maybe a few behind-the-scenes peeks. What do you say?

So you'll no longer only get updates from instagram or Tik Tok, but you might just find some hidden gems here too. 😏

Anyways, here's to the new online store and all the exciting things to come. We can't wait to have you along for the ride!